How I fall In Love with Code ;

Purnendu Tudu
2 min readDec 9, 2020

Hi, Myself Purnendu. I am 18 years old while writing this. I am student and passed out from High school recently. My stream was Pure Science. So how I start coding . When I was in seventh standard i meet with a laptop. It was my fathers laptop. 2gb Ram 32 bit operating system , windows 8.1. Later i get know it has 4gm ram and it is x64 based system. There was a gap between 2gb and 4gb ram. On that gap I used to watch Youtube Videos. One day I came across “How to create webpage on notepad” . I clicked that video and watch it. Then I open my note pad and made my very first webpage. I was literary smiling that i created my own webpage. The <marquee></marquee> html tag . I loved it. I played around it. Adding more stuff inside the marquee tag.

After that I learned how to use those html tags and when to use. But I start use those html tags where those aren’t meant to be use. It was fun for me getting unexpected results. When I got in eight standard i start learning command prompt and able to change the color of the command line. “Color” command.

One day It came to my mind how i can talk with other computer user or how i can send them message. I opened youtube and searched it. Then i followed a youtube video and create my first local network chat program “chatroom.bat”

I faced so many errors while i was following that video. I paused and match that code with my code. again i run that code but getting error . SO i paused that video every time and i fix my code. I only focused to complete that code successfully and I was very curious what will be my output. After 3DAY i finished and prayed to the god to run my code successfully. I was succeeded. FEWWW!

While I was following that youtube video , I don't even know what i am writing and why i am writing. Later I studied the source code and learned every syntax. Later I code so many batch files. Creating a simple choice game In batch file. Number Games. Creating so many folders at once with random numbers. And so on………………………………………… This is How i fall in love with code;